Pupil Council

Avoch Pupil Council


Present:P7- Colm P6-Kai and Eden,P5/4-Pheobe, P5 Kate Harvey, P4- Mia, P3S- Alma,P3M- Owen Grant, P2- Ava Grant, P2/1- Demi, Mr MacPherson -Chair

 Apologies- Emily D 


Mr MacPherson- Thanked everyone for agreeing to be part of the pupil council. Members were congratulated for being appointed by their classmates and peers to represent them in these meetings. 

Discussed role and expectations for the coming year.


·         Decider skills- Pupils introduced to the decider skills. Staff were trained in the area prior to the summer holidays.  PC members were given the opportunity to explore the resources purchased.  It was decided that PC would group together to deliver examples to each class, introducing the skills to pupils across the school.  They felt that these skills introduced would greatly encourage their peers towards positive behaviour and good choices.

·         Pupil council event-Pupils were asked to create an opportunity for pupils across the school to work together.  It was suggested that the first task would be to set a competition for learning buddies.  All pupils across the school will be asked to produce a cartoon strip and story, with prizes for the best stories.  PC will introduce this at an assembly later in the month.

·         Skipping-Pupils really enjoying the skipping,  a number of classes do not have the required amount of ropes to allow 1 per person.  PC members will return to class and count and collate the number of ropes across the school and ensure there are enough going forward.  We will also look at the possibility of getting at least one long rope per class. 

Any other business:

Mia had been asked whether it would be possible for all classes to get a football and a basketball. PC to approach the Head tacher and enquire and report back next meeting.

Rory asked that we enquire about a basketball net be reinstalled, as the last one was removed when the portacabins went in. 

Date of Next Meeting: 8th October 2019