Nursery – P1 Transition lop

Starting school is a major step in a child’s life. Indeed, for many it will represent the most significant change to their daily lives. At Avoch, we strive to ensure every child coming into Primary 1 feels fully supported and excited about their new adventure.

We have a full transition programme for children coming into Primary 1 where we gradually build up their experiences.

  • Joined up learning with the nursery and P1 (Enormous Turnip Performance)

  • Visit by Principal Teacher and Depute Head Teacher to nurseries to discuss new intake of children.

  • Information Evening for Parents

  • P2 Buddy Training to help support new Primary 1 children.

  • Visit 1 with parents (Tuesday 1st May)

  • Visit 2 without parents (Tuesday 8th May)

  • Visit 3 without parents (Tuesday 15th May)

  • Sports Day (All nursery pupils to join in)

  • Jump Up Programme for all nursery (Avoch, Fortrose and Kilcoy Nursery)

  • Optional Visit 4 (Lunch in hall with packed or school lunch)

  • Week 1 of Primary 1 – Tuesday 21st August – New Nursery start in Primary 1 (Start at 9.10am, finish at 12pm)

  • Week 2 of Primary 1 – Tuesday 27th August – New Nursery start in Primary 1 (Start at 9.10am, finish at 12.30pm – includes lunch time)

  • Week 3 of Primary 1 – Tuesday 21st August – New Nursery start in Primary 1 (Start at 9.10am, finish at 3.10pm)

  • Wednesday 5th September – Open Afternoon – parents/grandparents are welcome to visit their P1 child in their new classroom.

  • Thursday 6th September – Curriculum Information Evening for new P1 parents – meet the teachers at 7pm.


May 2020

As you are aware, we are unable to run our Nursery to P1 transition programme at the moment.  

As yet, we are unsure who the P1 teachers will be next year.  However, the current P1 teachers have decided it would be a nice idea to take it in turns to record a video of themselves reading a story to the children once a week.  In addition to this, some other staff members might record themselves reading a story as well.  This will hopefully allow the children to become familiar with some teachers and staff before they start Primary 1.  

These story videos will be sent out weekly to the new P1s. You can also access them via the links below:

At the moment, we are awaiting government guidelines on how we can return to school.  However, we would like to share an Avoch Primary in photographs booklet with your and your child.  It is unfortunate the school is closed and the children are unable to see what areas of the school look like.  However, we thought it would be a nice idea for you to show/share these photos with the children instead: 

Our current P7s have decided to give some to our new P1s. This advice came from a circle time activity they carried out with their teacher. Please see the link for their words of wisdom: