How to help at home

Supporting Learning

At Education Scotland’s Parent Zone you will find lots of information and additional ways to support your children’s learning.

Bumps to Bairns is a really useful site for parents of children in the nursery. It is written to support your child’s development and explains the developmental overviews used by staff in the nursery.

More information on how you can help your child or children at home

Helping with Numeracy and Maths at home

Basic Facts

We are having a big push on basic facts in all classes. Basic facts are all the number facts we want children to be able to recall instantly, such as doubles, number bonds to ten and multiplication facts. Building knowledge of basic facts is essential for developing mental agility, and to be able to solve problems using mental strategies. It is very important that every child builds up a bank of recalled Basic Facts. They need to be given lots of experiences to USE these to solve problems, and develop understanding of how they are using this knowledge within their strategies.

The Highland Numeracy Blog has lots of ideas and examples of basic facts that children need to recall.

Parent Toolkit has lots of great ideas for basic facts.

Here you can find some more top tips for helping with Numeracy and Maths at home: