Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nursery – P3 who put on an excellent performance of ‘Hey Ewe’, our nativity play this year. The children all sang beautifully and acted confidently.  Well done 🙂

Writing Competition

Congratulations to Iona Henderson for coming second in a national writing competition. Here is her winning entry.

The  Food Chain

By Iona Henderson,

Aged 10

There are lots of animals sharing our land,

From wild deer to lugworms twirling the sand,

There are birds in the treetops, singing their song,

But do each of these animals all get along?

“I am the fox at the top of the chain,

Lots of people think I’m a pain,

But I like to think I am clever and sly,

My ears pricking up when I hear a bird cry…”

“I am the bird getting chased by the fox,

With his fur shining red and his little white socks,

He runs and he runs, I fly and I fly,

‘Til I spy a spider with my beady eye….”

“I am the spider being eyed by the bird,

Sitting on my web when the danger occurred,

I now scurry away as the she swoops through the air,

Oh, hang on a minute, there’s a fly over there…”

“Stuck in the web is me the fly,

The spider won’t listen to my desperate cry,

I was flying innocently to a dropped sticky bun,

And now I have come to the end of my fun.”

Animals eat animals – that’s just their way,

But it’s all for the best at the end of the day,

If a predator sees prey, it just can’t resist,

It’s thanks to the food chain that they all exist!

St Andrew’s Ceilidh

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the St Andrew’s night ceilidh. Everyone performed very well and an enjoyable night was had by all.

‘Just wanted to say how impressed we were with the smooth running of the  St Andrew’s concert last night. We really enjoyed all the performances. The standards of discipline as much as the standards of music were notable. The idea of using pupils as comperes worked really well and  both Susanna and Fraser clearly rose to the occasion. Well done to yourself , all the pupils and staff involved in the event and its organisation.’


Very well done to Jennifer Spence who competed in the Highland Schools Swimming Competition on Wednesday 14th November. Jennifer swam 50m frontcrawl and 50m backcrawl. She achieved a 1 second PB in froncrawl and came 18th out of 40 and a 2.5 second PB in backcrawl where she came 25th out of 40.


Mrs Webster took the school hockey team to the Inver-Ross Cup competition in September 2012. The team won 4 games and drew 2. They came 4th out of 25 teams in the overall competition.

The players were Holly C, Nya, Lara, Ellie, Emily, Adam C, Andrew O, Angus and Ronan.

Adam C got a special medal for being an ‘outstanding goal keeper’.

Well done to all the team!

Hedge Planting

On Saturday 10th November, a group of enthusiastic childern and parents arrived at Avoch Primary School early in the morning to plant a Jubilee Hedge. The young trees were donated by the Woodland Trust to help wildlife come into the school grounds.

The hedge was made up of 420 different native trees which were all planted by midday. The sun shone and the final tree from the royal forest was planted by Mrs Sim (headteacher) and 3 young primary1s.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all the helpful people who came along.

By Martha Spence (P6) and Ailsa Rowlands (P5)

Gallery of Photos


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