More Amazing Animation from P6/P7 on Youtube:

Land Art

P4s and P5s got inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and created this wonderful Land Art. They gathered natural bits and bobs during their daily exercise then got creative in their gardens or on their doorsteps.

Live Cam Drawings

P4 – P7s worked hard, drawing from Live Cams such as or the Edinburgh Zoo penguin cam. This kind of quick observational sketching is really tricky, so well done everyone!

Garden Bird drawings

P4s and P5s learned how to identify different garden birds, then drew their own labelled drawing.

Spring Trees Collages

P4s and P5s used coffee and a straw to ‘paint’ trees! Then they added leaves, blossom, nests and birds to create these joyful Spring Trees.

Stop Motion Animation

P6 and P7 made cut-out animal puppets and learned how to use Stop Motion animation app on their Chromebooks. Amazing creativity and tech skills P6/P7! Here are a few of their mini movies:

Cut-out Animal Puppets

P6/P7 made animal puppets which they could animate on their Chromebooks – their animal had to include moving parts and be inspired by the Live Cam drawings they did last week.

More LIVE CAM sketching from P6/ P7: