P4 Playground Sculptures

P4s got inspired by the work of Niki de St Phalle. She is a French artist who makes huge, colourful sculptures for outdoor spaces such as playgrounds. P4s worked in groups and used junk-modelling techniques to create animals which are also slides, waterparks, climbing frames and much more!

P7/6 Japanese Still Lifes

P7/6 used skills of symmetry, painting, oil pastel and origami to create these stunning still life paintings. This artwork tied in nicely with their Japan topic and their Blossom Picnic!

P5 Petri Dishes

P5 had the chance to use REAL petri dishes, donated by Fortrose Academy – thankyou! 🙂 To make these mixed-media artworks pupils used a range of different materials and really had to use fine motor skills to work on such a small scale. They studied pictures of bacteria and viruses for inspiration.

P7/6 Dragons

As part of their Japan topic, P7/6 made Collagraph Prints of Japanese dragons. First they created a collage using card shapes to make a bumpy semi-3D image of a dragon. Then they printed from this collage, using a roller and ink, to create their final print. The results are fabulous!

P5 Petri Dish Window Art

P5 studied images of petri dishes and recreated the colours, shapes and patterns using translucent materials to make these colourful abstract artworks.

P7/6 Natural Paintings

P7/6 pupils created their own brushes, using natural materials they found in the playground. They used things like moss, twigs, grass, feathers, lichen… Then they used their hand-made brushes to paint a tree, looking out the window for inspiration. The brushes gave really interesting, expressive marks, and the moss worked like a sponge to give a watery, soft background!

P5 Mythical Creatures

P5 created silhouettes of a mythical creature and showed off excellent cutting skills! The backgrounds were created using watercolour and clingfilm to create a wonderful marbled texture.

P4 Spring Daffodils

P4 created 3D daffodils using eggboxes, paper modelling and painting – they are so cheery and colourful!

Pattern Birds

Here are some of P4/P5 pupils’ pattern birds – inspired by artist Mark Hearld. Wonderful pattern and colour work, not to mention brilliant 3D paper skills! Well done everyone!

Draw What You See!

P4/P5 pupils got inspired by a fantastic book called “HIRAMEKI – Draw What You See”. they painted blobs using paint, food colouring or coffee, then looked to see what animals or objects they could see in the ink blots. Messy but very fun and creative!

“Express Yourself” Self Portraits

P4 – P7 pupils created self portraits this week, inspired by Frida Kahlo. Their task was to draw themselves and include objects/background/animals/clothes which made them feel happy and good! This lesson linked with Children’s Mental Health week and its theme of “Express Yourself”.

Fantasy Fish!

P7/ P6 pupils got inspired by real fish to create a new species of ‘fantasy’ fish – some amazing designs evolved!

Mandala Patterns

Our young artists of Avoch Primary created Mandalas at home, carefully laying out objects or drawing patterns to make a symmetrical design.

Goodbye P7s!

These are the last artworks made by P6 and P7 before Lockdown – Victorian Cameo heads. P7s’ last day of primary school seems like a perfect time to share these amazing portraits! Pupils drew profile portraits of their classmates, made cameo portraits in clay, and created fancy frames to finish them off! Good luck P7s… we will miss you!

Some last artworks before the Summer…

Pupils are being creative right up until the end of term! Some P6/ P7s illustrated their own small books, and others made Lockdown Puppets…

Miniature Art Galleries

No-one can visit galleries or museums right now, so this week pupils created their own miniature galleries to visit!

SCIENCE WEEK – Petri Dish Art

To tie in with Science Week, pupils created abstract art inspired by Petri dishes. They could use any technique they liked and the variety of approaches was wonderful, ranging from nail varnish, wet-on-wet painting, jelly and playdough! Well done everyone!!

(some real petri dish photos are mixed in with the pupils’ artwork – can you tell the difference?)

Conservationist Portraits

P6/P7 worked on portraits of a conservationist this week – they could use any technique, and choose any conservationist they admired. What an amazing array of styles and techniques – well done everyone!

P4/P5 Draw a Plant 4 Ways!

P5/P4 studied a plant and drew it in 4 different ways: continuous line drawing; tonal drawing; magnified view; negative shapes. They could also do an optional drawing #5, using coffee as paint!

P7/P6 Pixlr Animals

P7 and P6 have been learning how to use the online photo app PIXLR. First they made 3D endangered animals, then photographed and ‘green-screened’ them so they could place their animal in a new environment. Amazing digital skills and 3D construction skills – well done!

More Amazing Animation from P6/P7 on Youtube:

Land Art

P4s and P5s got inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and created this wonderful Land Art. They gathered natural bits and bobs during their daily exercise then got creative in their gardens or on their doorsteps.

Live Cam Drawings

P4 – P7s worked hard, drawing from Live Cams such as or the Edinburgh Zoo penguin cam. This kind of quick observational sketching is really tricky, so well done everyone!

Garden Bird drawings

P4s and P5s learned how to identify different garden birds, then drew their own labelled drawing.

Spring Trees Collages

P4s and P5s used coffee and a straw to ‘paint’ trees! Then they added leaves, blossom, nests and birds to create these joyful Spring Trees.

Stop Motion Animation

P6 and P7 made cut-out animal puppets and learned how to use Stop Motion animation app on their Chromebooks. Amazing creativity and tech skills P6/P7! Here are a few of their mini movies:

Cut-out Animal Puppets

P6/P7 made animal puppets which they could animate on their Chromebooks – their animal had to include moving parts and be inspired by the Live Cam drawings they did last week.

More LIVE CAM sketching from P6/ P7: