Recent Learning in Nursery

The current learning wall in nursery, this displays mindmaps and art work related to the topic we have been learning about. We have Autumn leaves, fireworks and nocturnal animals.

Curriculum for Excellence – Our Learning Plan

Early Level – Nursery Term 2 


This term we will continue to give the children the opportunity to borrow a book from the school library every week and we will read stories with them every day. We will do rhymes and word games related to our topic, and the children’s interest. The children will be encouraged in their mark making and “having a go” at writing their own names, also other common words with adult support. 


We incorporate numeracy into our daily learning within nursery, such as counting the children as a group every day. The children have opportunities to learn about shape and patterns through play. We will play number games and incorporate maths into outdoor play, for example measuring lengths of found objects and using them to count. We are exploring a sense of time, including days of the week and what events are associated with the time of year.  


Within the setting the children continue to do an ‘emotional check-in’ every day, putting their name next to the emotion they are feeling that day. This encourages them to talk about their feelings. Currently we are spending as much time as possible outside. The children will either get to go up to the woodland trail or out on the bikes and trikes every day, often both. This way they get lots of fresh air and exercise running around. 


The children are given opportunities to develop their creative skills through painting, play dough and sharing creative thinking as part of a group every day. They will be encouraged to create pictures related to the areas of interest from across the curriculum. Recently they have painted autumn themed art work and the next focus will be Christmas. We are taking part in the school enterprise and are working on a few projects. 


We continue to be ‘Glow worms’ in nursery, we are still focusing on being energy efficient within the setting. While learning about light and dark we will touch on solar power as an alternative energy source. 


The children will learn about sharing and getting along with their friends, this will help them develop a sense of fairness. In the run up to Christmas we will talk about Christian traditions. We will read the Christmas story and focus on the magic of Christmas.  


We will explore the children’s interest in the world around them, the sun, moon and stars. We are learning about which animals are nocturnal at the moment. 


When the children go up to the woodland trail they use binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore how we view things around us. We are discussing using torches and being safe in the dark at this time of year.