Beat the Teacher Week

Last week the whole school challenge was to beat the teachers at lots of random tasks and beat us you did! We hope you all enjoyed being silly with your families! Here are the top 3 records for each challenge and a range of photos to see how everyone got on.

Sock Challenge

Miss MacKenzie’s challenge: how many socks can you put on one foot in 30seconds?
Her record was 11 socks.
1st place – Iona Macleod (P6), 23 socks.
2nd place – Rosie Edgar (P6), 18 socks.
3rd place – Catherine Lipp (P7/6), 15 socks.

Flap the Fish

Mrs Milne’s Challenge: How far can you flap a homemade fish?
The record was 12m.
1st place – Evan Sime (P6), 16m
2nd place – Jonah Russell (P7), 15m
3rd place – Christopher Du Preez (P5) and Bee Lumsden (P7/6), 12m
No photos to go along with this one.

Trampoline Seat Drops

Ms Byham’s Challenge: How many seat drops can you do on a trampoline in 1min?
Ms Byhams record was 48
1st place – Lucy Knight (P6), 81
2nd place – Ella Chalton (P6), 73
3rd place Jonah Russell (P7), 70

Baked Bean Challenge

Ms Webster’s Challenge: How many baked beans can you eat with chop sticks in 1 min?
Ms Webster’s record was 32 beans.
1st place – Ella Chalton (P6), 40 beans
2nd place – Iona Macleod (P6), 38 beans
3rd place – Christopher Du Preez (P5), 34 beans

Toilet Roll Challenge

Mr McKellar’s Challenge: How many toilet rolls can you stack on your head in 1min?
Mr McKellar managed 5 toilet rolls.
1st place – Rosie Edgar (P6) and Ella Chalton (P6), 6 rolls
3rd place – Jonah Russell (P7) and Jamie Lambie (P4), 5 rolls

Welly Boot Throw

Mrs Harvey’s Challenge: How far can you throw a welly boot?
Her record was 9m.
1st place – Kennet Mackenzie (P6), 17m
2nd place – Rory Mclean (P7/6), 16.4m
3rd place – Jonah Russell (P7) and Pieter Du Preez (P7), 12m

Keepie Uppie Challenge

Mr MacPherson’s Challenge: How many keepie uppies can you do in 2mins? The ball was allowed to drop!
His record was 109.
1st place – Jonah Russell (P7), 165
2nd place – Jamie Smith (P5/4), 146
3rd place – Pieter Du Preez (P7), 121

Alphabet Challenge

Miss Clark’s Challenge: How many times can you write out the full alphabet in 1min?
Her record was 5.
1st place – Ella Chalton (P6), 8 times
2nd place – Rosie Edgar (P6), 7 times
3rd place – Elana Morrison (P6), 4 times

Flick a Pea

Miss Christie’s Challenge: How far can you flick a pea?
Miss Christe’s record was 9m.
1st place – Rosie Edgar (P6), 13.4m
2nd place – Iona Macleod (P6), 7.5m
3rd place – Jacob Holt (P6), 7.2m

T-shirt Challenge

Ms MacPhee’s Challenge: How many T-shirts can you put on in 1min?
Her record was 11 T-shirts.
1st place – Jonah Russell (P7), 20
2nd place – Rosie Edgar (P6), 15
3rd place – Pieter Du Preez (P7), 14

Well done to everyone who had a go at home. You’re all stars! Enjoy your holidays and we’ll see you back at school in August.