A few weeks in …

Hello to P3M pupils, families and friends. Some lovely photos this week. Thanks for the updates. Though the circumstances are limiting and worrying, we are here if you need us. So please get in touch if you need any extra help or support. If anyone needs or would like a wee call from Mr McKellar, please let me know. Thank you.

PS – Sorry, I’d pressed ‘publish’ on this blog last week, but I just noticed today (7th May) that it didn’t go up! The joys of technology. I’ll get the next one up soon.

A deer in our garden!
Thar she blows! An amazing creation.
A squirrel enclosure with it’s proud creator.

An interior shot of the enclosure – with lots of detail. Well done!

I can’t believe my eyes – a multicoloured elephant.

A fantastic world trip.

Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday. Enjoy that long weekend when it comes.

Take care,

Mr McKellar and Mrs Harvey