Busier than ever

It’s only Monday and already we’ve got the first pictures in for this week.

Hot and cold, never gets old …
Great job!

Feeders for the birds, in no way absurd! Terrible rhyme. They look great!

Tuesday – Lots of excellent work viewed by Mr McKellar today and this beautiful art work, reflecting the natural world.

A turtley wonderful picture!

Wednesday – More great photos of arty animals at home and on the beach.

Origami Animals.
A tinfoil spider!
Beach art.

Shell we make a whale today?

Some home baking, with the recipe added too!
A Giant Nest!

Thursday – What a lot of great ideas and practical fun learning you’re getting. Don’t forget to thank all your family supporters and keep up all the great work. Well done, everyone!

A proud baker.
A whale made from bubble wrap and sellotape. I bet it swims too!
An amazing achievement – cycling all the way to Inverness (21 miles along the back roads).
We are in awe!

That’s it for this week.

Have a good weekend!