Working from home with P2/1

Hi there everyone! It has been a very strange week not seeing all your smiley faces everyday but I’ve loved seeing pictures of your work and some of the other fun things you’ve been getting up to with your families. Here’s a selection of the pictures for you all to see. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all after the holidays. Have fun and stay safe.

James is drawing some insects he found in his garden. Lovely detail in your picture.
Demi has made a beautiful rainbow to put in her window.
James has been drawing flowers with his sister. Looks great!
Nicole has done some number bonds to 20 and found lots of things in her garden.
Ruri has drawn himself and Breyten. Super writing Ruri!
Here’s Ellie doing some yoga and helping to make the dinner.
Ellie was planting some seeds in the garden with her family.
Emily’s lovely picture. I’m looking forward to pinning that on our class noticeboard. Thank you, Emily.
A picture of Nicole planting peas and Emily writing her diary. Great work both of you.
Nicole’s picture for her mum and dad to find.
A lovely card written by Ronan to his Granny and Grandad. I bet they loved it.
Ronan joining in with his brother’s experiment. He’s celebrating because his egg didn’t smash!
Breyten’s writing from Friday. Great letter formation!
A lovely picture by Demi.
Demi’s diary. Well done for sitting all your letters on the line. I bet Emily loved your Facetime!
Emily has been making up for CVC words to read. That looks like a great game.
Here’s Emily having lots of fun on a tree swing!
James and his sister were making some magical potions in the garden.
Lovely symmetry drawings by James. Great work!