Primary 1

Welcome to P1.  There are 25 pupils and our teachers are Miss Patience and Mrs Hughes.  We have Miss Patience on a Monday, Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday and we have Mrs Hughes on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. 

We have all settled well into P1 and made lots of new friends. 

We have been super busy learning all our new sounds and numbers. 

Here are a few things we have been learning about over our first term in P1:


  • Collecting, organising and displaying objects for data handling.
  • Sorting objects by criteria i.e. colour, shape and size.
  • Counting forwards and backwards to 30. 
  • Reading the symbols for numbers up to 20.
  • Identifying the value of numbers up to 20.  
  • Adding numbers up to 10.


  • Learning the phonics sounds and actions.
  • Identifying initial, medial and final sounds in words.
  • Blending sounds to make words.
  • Reading CVC (Constant Vowel Constant) words.
  • Developing listening and memory skills.
  • Identifying spaces between words.
  • Identifying syllables and blend them in words.  (ie a-pple, ra-bbit, com-pu-ter)
  • Splitting words into sounds. 
  • Writing letters correctly and neatly.   
  • Writing imaginative stories. 
  • Listening to and following instructions.
  • Listening to and sharing news and items from home with our friends.
  • Listening to and discuss stories.

We are all very tired (including Miss Patience and Mrs Hughes) and looking forward to a break in the October holidays!

Hope you all have a brilliant time!